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I wrote this description in my contact information and I felt it was important enough to repost here.  I am a “co-founder” of NOMNOW, which is a “movement” to get other artists involved with creating on a somewhat daily basis.  As time flies by I started to notice people “dropping off”, once they go to college they forget how easy it is to make art not because they tried to forget but because they lost the spare time they had to actually put effort into making something.  So I post all of these NOMNOW pieces to get people motivated and for them to want to get up and get to their computer, canvas, desk, kitchen table or whatever and just MAKE something! You can create something that has never previously existed before, and how unique is that?  So get up, get out, and get involved with art, or for that matter whatever makes you happy.  Get Creative.




NOMNOW was created in order to get people involved. Recently we decided that we needed to be doing this more actively; we needed to motivate ourselves and everyone in our scope of influence. So to do that, we’ve started something you could call a happening, an event, or just a thing. Every two weeks we’ll have a new concept or theme; something we think people should be aware of, something that we think should change in society, or any as of yet undecided idea. Our first concept is Reading; something near and dear to us, and something extremely important to the mental well being of our society.




The Begining



So… NomNow can be a collective, gathering, motivation, signature, but it has endless definitions, it’s whatever you want it to be.  To break it down. Nom in many languages means or suggests name, and Now is self explanatory, at the present time or moment, without further delay; immediately; at once.  Now that the basic meanings are on the table.  Here’s how we looked at it.  Your NAME is involved in the NOW.  Make something of your NAME, make it mean something to someone, do something to get you noticed, create something that will get people talking, make a difference in the muddy monotonous world that surrounds us.

On the way home from the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. Kevin and I were talking about graffiti art and how we’ve always been interested in, and wish we could do something like that.  So after doodling around for a little, these drawings are what came of our thought process.  We wanted to create something that wasn’t so simple, that wasn’t so readily understood something that could be taken in aesthetically prior to being judged for its context or subject matter.  Matt, Kevin, and I have posted some of our NOMNOW works on our wordpresses and it has become somewhat of a signature for us.  We are just looking to inspire and beautify everything and anything to the best of our ability.