An idea


Mikesmith187, nom now NOMNOW

I wrote this description in my contact information and I felt it was important enough to repost here.  I am a “co-founder” of NOMNOW, which is a “movement” to get other artists involved with creating on a somewhat daily basis.  As time flies by I started to notice people “dropping off”, once they go to college they forget how easy it is to make art not because they tried to forget but because they lost the spare time they had to actually put effort into making something.  So I post all of these NOMNOW pieces to get people motivated and for them to want to get up and get to their computer, canvas, desk, kitchen table or whatever and just MAKE something! You can create something that has never previously existed before, and how unique is that?  So get up, get out, and get involved with art, or for that matter whatever makes you happy.  Get Creative.


One Response to “An idea”

  1. Amen brother! I will!

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